The Lesser Of Two Evils


There is something like 324 million people in this country.
The idea that Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is going to lead that many people truly terrifies me. They’re both fucking lunatics who are completely out of touch with reality.

Reality isn’t being a life long politician doing shady shit while compromising one’s own morals day in and day out. That’s just creepy. That’s what it takes to be a politician of Clinton’s caliber, by the way. In the current system you have to compromise all the fucking time. Most of the time these politicians start out as a lawyers (just like Hillary did), and being a lawyer is fucking creepy too. There is one case where the future leader or the free world (most likely) got this client off with only two months after he raped a 12-year-old girl... and she fucking knew he was guilty! That’s just being a lawyer. That’s Hillary Clinton. That’s creepy.

And before you say it, I know. Lawyers have to swear an oath to stand by their clients and defend them no matter what, blah blah blah. Ok, so do we really want someone who can compromise that much to lead this country?
Maybe these shady lawyers shouldn’t rule the world.

If you had a friend who lied all the time, who literally changed their accent (depending on who they’re talking to), and who was known for their blatant disregard for the law (even though they know it), would you invite them over for dinner? Would you want them in charge of anything you care about? Would you trust them?

Really? She’s your pick to run this thing?

Reality isn’t being a rich prick whose dad gave ‘em money and blames brown people for all the problems of the world, either. Trump is a fucking idiot. He doesn’t know anything about history, he doesn’t know the basics of how government works, and he’s not going make up for that by “hiring the best people”. He’s just an egomaniac with a Trump sized goal.

That stupid fucking wall won’t work. It just won’t. I’m so sick of people acting like that it’s even a possibility. Do you know what is on the boarder? It’s fucking mountains and canyons and shit. It’s not possible. Let it go.
Banning Muslims is dumb as shit, too! You can’t just ban a religion you fucking Hitler-esque morons. This isn’t a Christian country; this is a country of immigrants with tons of different religions, so shut the fuck up.

Talking about Trump is too easy, though. How anyone can rally behind this guy is beyond me. He’s a spray tanned orange goofball billionaire with a bad attitude that sits in gold chairs and talks about himself all the time.

Again, If you had a friend like that you would you invite them over for dinner? No! You’d avoid them like the plague. And you know what? You would make fun of them all the fucking time.

Really? He’s your guy?

One of these two horrible fucks is about to lead 324 million people.
I don’t get, man. I just don’t.
I won’t choose a lesser of two evils. I won’t be responsible for the shit storm that follows.
I honestly don’t understand how anyone can support either of these candidates.

There was no one better?
What? You mean we’re just stuck with these two? Why?

Yeah, I guess there is Gary Johnson (who I will probably vote for) and Jill Stein, but it doesn’t look like they have any real shot.

It’s probably going to be Hillary. I mean, as long as no more of her shady shit gets released, that is.

It seems like people can lose their faith in Clinton but not in Trump.
It’s kind of fascinating.
The Trump supporters are insane die-hards who blatantly ignore all of the goofy/dangerous/racist shit he does.
Or they like it... in which case, fuck you, you’re a garbage person.
But, to me it seems like Clinton supporters are trying as hard as they can to close their eyes real hard so they don’t have to notice all of her shit.

And I can at least sympathize with them. I get that you feel like if you don’t support her, that orange nutcase is going to win.

They’re both horrible choices for completely different reasons.

It’s a scary time.

Maybe we shouldn’t have a president for a couple years?


-Matthew Fears



Clinton talking about Rape Case

Hillary Lying for 13 minutes straight.

Hillary lying about e-mails

Donald Trump lying for 13 minutes straight

Donald Trump Washington Post interview. If you can listen to this whole thing without cringing I'll vote for you to be president. The guy is an egomaniac and can't answer basic questions.